You speak at least one more language than you think you do!

So, how many languages do you speak?  How many do you understand?  How many can you write?  

It's likely you speak at least one more than you think you do.

If I speak only German and you speak only English, is it possible for you to tell if I'm sad?  How about if I'm happy?  Upset?  Angry?  Tired?  Hot?  Cold?

Of course, you can.  But what is this common language?  Emotion.  

When I laugh, you know what I'm feeling, even if we don't speak the same language.  When I cry, you know what's going on too, right?

Emotion is the primary language of human beings.  We don't even need to learn it...we just use it...automatically....even as a baby.  Isn't that amazing?  The second we are born, we let the world know we don't like it here.  We cry until we are held, cleaned up, blanketed and fed.  And we continue to use this language our entire lives.  In fact, it's critical to our existence.

Emotion is the energy we use to commit information to long term memory.  Don't believe me?  What were you doing September 11, 2001?  I'm willing to bet you know exactly where you were and what you were doing.  What were you doing September 11, 2023?  It wasn't that long ago.  So what were you doing and where were you that day?  Can't remember?  It's because you weren't experiencing as much emotion that day as compared to 9/11/01.  

Make no mistake, you are an emotional being and its our primary language...love it or hate it (all puns intended).  And we are hardwired to use emotion as our primary source of self-talk, self-image, memory, mood, the filter through which we see the world and how we interact within our world.

The mastery of emotion is the mastery of our lives, but the first step in mastering them is to realize the overwhelming role they play in our lives AND that we are not always aware of that role.

This means that we have a subconscious emotional program running in all of us!  Don't believe it?  Ask yourself this question:  Have you ever felt sadness, anger, anxiety, jealousy, hatred or despair?  Of course you have, its the human condition.  But, have you ever gotten out of bed today or any other day of your life and said, "Today, I want to feel sadness, anger, anxiety, jealousy, hatred or despair."  Have you?  Ever?  No way.  No one wants to feel these things.

So, why do we feel these things?  Because there is a program that runs in every single one of us that works just like a computer program that is an "if, then" program.  "IF we experience (this), THEN we should respond with (that emotion)."  And it's not the same program for all of us.

In 2018, my wife and I were attacked violently in our home on 5 separate occasions (yes, it's true).  One day, my wife and I were talking about it and I asked her why she was sad about it, because I was very angry.  She responded, "Why are you angry?  I'm sad."  

We both experienced the violent attack simultaneously, but our emotional responses were different.  It dawned on me in the midst of this horrible experience that we had different "programming."  But where does this programming come from?  

The old debate about nature versus nurture comes up immediately, and I have concluded that the answer is BOTH.  Part of our emotional programming we inherit.  Part of it we create ourselves as children.  It's what makes our experience in this life so uniquely unique...because we inherited some programming from our folks and we created some it ourselves by our own unique experience of life as children.

Everything that we "survive" goes into the "survivability" file in our emotional program and we consult this file with every single decision we make for the rest of our lives.  And it makes sense.  Why would we even consider doing something we wouldn't survive (or think we might NOT survive, because we've never survived it)?  This is a primary safety mechanism our creator built into us to keep us safe.  It is a leftover mechanism from millennia of survival of our species.  Welcome to your caveman heritage.

If you want to learn more about it, pick up a copy of my book, Cracking the Caveman's Code.  Once you crack the code, you start to understand how critically important emotions are to how we live our lives.  

More importantly, you learn to harness the power of those emotions to begin healing your body and living the life of your dreams...but it all hinges on realizing that there is a program running....and it doesn't always serve you the way you'd like it to. 

When we start mastering our emotions, we start to master our lives.  So, where is the best place to start?  Tap.  

Emotional Freedom Technique tapping is a super easy way to start managing the emotions you are feeling, separating emotion from information and releasing the unpleasant, negative emotions that get in the way of living the life you'd like to experience.

Our EFT program is free to anyone who wants to try it and our tapping specialist, Ashley, has a fantastic talent for teaching it.  Join her weekly for a tapping session and once you feel the shift, take it another step further and join any of our advanced programs that teach you how to use the power of your primary language, emotion, to transform your life into the beautiful creation you'd like it to become!



Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog post is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new health-related practice or program.