Retired Physician turned entrepreneur and coach, shares transformative healing principles on human development and the connection between food, emotion, and health.





Dr. Timothy Teel is a retired, board-certified otolaryngologist, entrepreneur, teacher, coach and speaker. 

He has spent his entire adult life fascinated with human development, personal development and the connections between food, emotion and health.  After completing his medical training, he returned to Oklahoma where he practiced for 7 years.  His efforts to establish patient safety and teach patients how to heal their bodies left him informally banned from practicing medicine in Oklahoma.  He retired from medicine while living in Texas and began his writing and coaching career teaching the principles of using diet and lifestyle management to create transformative healing of both acute and chronic illness. 

While living in Texas, he had several life-changing experiences.  He met an octogenarian patient who had survived recurrent esophageal cancer for 35 years (an unheard-of feat).  He learned from personal experience the effects of both negative and positive emotion on the human body.  He taught his patients how to use food and their own emotions to transform their lives.  And, using the techniques taught to him by his patient and other coaches, healed his own body of lesions that had plagued him for years.   

It was these experiences and an intense personal transformative journey that led Dr. Teel to his revolutionary conclusions. He believes that the key to managing and preventing human disease is understanding the role that inflammation has played in human survival for millennia. He has also concluded that understanding how emotions and emotional memory is stored in our bodies is the key to moving our entire civilization forward to the next level of human development.

This transformative journey led to writing his first best-selling book, Cracking the Caveman’s Code, and establishing this website to teach these (not so new) principals to all those who suspect deep in their hearts that good health, happiness and creative transformation are their birthright. If you believe (or even suspect) that better health, happiness and creativity are in fact your birthright, then you are in the right place to learn the principles of transformation that live in your very cells and how to unlock them.

Dr. Teel’s Career At a Glance

  • Held medical licenses in Illinois, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Texas.
  • Graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2007.
  • Residency trained in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.  Graduated 2013.
  • He practiced for 7 years in Oklahoma and was fired, blacklisted and denied privileges by Oklahoma hospitals for raising concerns about patient safety.  He moved to Texas and practiced an additional 3 1/2 years and retired from western medicine after finding more powerful medicine in the food we eat and the thoughts we think. 
  • He was introduced to emotional freedom technique tapping in 2020, emotional re-coding in 2021 and that same year was taught the power of intention and emotional power management by an 80-year-old retired pastor who had managed to survive recurrent esophageal cancer for over 35 years. 
  • In the last 2 years of his practice, he wrote fewer than 10 prescriptions, opting instead to teach his patients how to adjust their diets to address their health concerns. He found that when he successfully treated their throat complaints, their joints stopped hurting, they frequently lost weight and their blood pressure improved. 
  • He pioneered the use of intracapsular tonsillectomies to improve patient safety and reduce pain and he discovered how to adjust diet to help reduce the need for ear tubes and significantly reduce recurrent upper respiratory infections in children and adults.
  • He used these techniques in his medical practice with fantastic results and decided to retire his medical license and teach “alternative and complementary” practices through this website.
  • He has made these discoveries and treatment philosophies available at no cost through his book, Cracking the Caveman’s Code, available via this website.

Welcome to The Journey of understanding who WE are and how to unlock the life of your dreams by honoring YOUR inner Caveman!

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